Admiring Gainsborough

Admiring Gainsborough

Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Cone is Simply the Vehicle

I love ice cream! I mean love love. Not like, not "kind of admire",but a pure, unadulterated, kind of X rated, kind of porno love for ice cream. No fro yo, ick! No skinny cow, even though it's not that bad. Don't even come at me with "low" this or "low" that. Jesus, let's not even mention ice milk. Whoever came up with that bullshit, needs to have a serious talking to.
I love ice cream that is pure and fresh and preferably local, organic even. That's good. I love mint chip, jamoca fudge, rocky road, if the mood strikes. But there is a place, here in Northern California that has flavors that would make your toes curl. I'm here to say, and I want you to pay attention because it's that good..... Earl grey tea ice cream! I know! It sometimes has lavender crystalized chips in it. If that doesn't get your girly bits all tingly, what about Mexican chocolate? Or mango? They have chocolate creme brûlée! I know!
Ok, I'm all worked up and need to go get my frozen treat on, seriously.
I hope everyone out there is eating good, no, great, ice cream, reading a great book, getting a little sand in your toes and soaking up some natural goodness from the sun.
Still haven't painted, but I hope that I can Thursday night. I miss it terribly and I want to roll my sleeves up and get going. But my painting mojo isn't as powerful as my ice cream mojo right now :-)

Peace and Earl Grey Tea ice cream,


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