Admiring Gainsborough

Admiring Gainsborough

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Hard days

So summer has been a bit of a challenge so far. I wish it was easy, I wish I were the easy type, but I'm not and surprise, neither is the boy.
Oh well. So we had another hard day. Tomorrow will be better and we will go forward.
I think it's because I feel a disconnect and I'm sure he feels it too. Lately, I feel like I'm my own person and that I want to be alone. I should have titled today's post "I want to be alone"!
So today's take away for me is, patience for him, patience for myself. I have to ingratiate myself to him more than I think and he more to me. We are both a bit prickly and very sensitive.
It's my bedtime now so I'll pray on being a better person, being a better mother and waiting on a new day.

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